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Inside Facebook’s First Efforts To Rain Internet From The Sky

Check out this great article I read on WIRED:

On the social media company’s first flight test of an internet-beaming aircraft.

Facebook plane

IoT is Coming Even if the Security Isn’t Ready: Here’s What to Do

Check out this great article I read on WIRED:


Can the American Heartland Remake Itself in the Image of Silicon Valley? One Startup Finds Out

Check out this great article I read on WIRED:

One Denver startup learns what it’s like to find funding, attract talent, and launch a minimum viable product outside of the Bay Area tech scene.

denver startup


Barry Rassin Selected To Be 2018 – 2019 Rotary President

Rotarian Barry Rassin nominated as RI President 2018-19. Congrats, Barry!

barry rassin

Inside Andy Rubin’s Quest To Create An OS For Everything

Andy Rubin and Essential are engineering a smart-home platform that integrates AI and robotics. PAUL

Andy Rubin

Why We Despise Cable Providers

The monopoly and market controls that ISPs have in the USA need to change, they don’t serve the interests of consumers. PAUL

cable providers

The Race To Solar-Power Africa

American startups are competing to bring electricity to communities that remain off the grid. PAUL



Inside Facebook’s Ambitious Plan To Connect The Whole World

Facebook’s Connectivity Lab –internet access for developing for developing countries that lack infrastructure. PAUL


How Facebook Is Transforming Disaster Response

Check out this great article I read on WIRED:  From Safety Check to crisis-detection algorithms and internet drones, the social media behemoth is becoming a vital tool in catastrophic situations.


Let’s Slice Open The Biggest Contemporary Art Museum In The US

The premiere MOMA museum of New England is in the Berkshires of western MA. Great weekend trip. PAUL