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Three Excellent Summer Book Reads

One primary reason for higher education is to teach yourself how to learn. School gives you the primary tools and some basic knowledge, but personal experience is the real educator. Successes and mistakes make you stronger. Accepting that life is a continual process of learning, changing and growing is what allows people to move forward (and sometimes necessarily backwards). The goal is to not stagnate, hibernate or hide from taking risks or making yourself uncomfortable. Reading allows you to consider others’ thoughts and ideas, to learn from their experiences, to expand your own knowledge from the efforts of others. It is with this intent in mind that I offer the three following books to consider for your summer reading list. Each is available from amazon (or can be found on other digital stores). Each book is different in some respects and similar in others. Each is business oriented, entertaining, informative and educational. Each author has taken the time to share his experiences in the hope that what they learned in their processes might benefit others. Each has succeeded. If you find value in any of these books, let the authors know. Sharing good information is part of the process of giving back. PAUL

#1) ‘Billion dollar app’ book link:

Click Here For More Info

#2) ‘The hard thing’ book link:

Click Here For More Info

#3) ‘how to fail’ book link:

Click Here For More Info 

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