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new rack, cabling, equipment, shelf


The currently installed cabling came into the same general area, but were loose and not well labeled. Client also needed new runs, and current runs tested for 100% functionality. Mounted rack, reoriented cabling, neat and clean. Client has multiple wireless antennas, supporting two different wireless networks (home and business). Mac osx server needed hardware upgrade, osx upgrade and relocation to secure basement location. Network utilizes both time capsule and external backup capability, for data security & redundancy.

outdoor ethernet cable run

outdoor ac w:ethernet

Client installed new generator about 100′ from the main building, and needed an outdoor ethernet cable run. The generator is now on the ethernet wired network inside the barn, and this connection allows for remote view and control of the generator. Also port forwarded in the router to generator’s control panel. Used underground ‘bury’ cable for this run, as it withstands water, heat and cold.