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cable closet reorganized


Was called to this client site about 18 months ago. The older building has a tangle of cables running to several separate rooms in this office. Runs weren’t labeled, not all runs were finished, additional runs needed to be installed. Client also couldn’t upgrade from DSL, as Verizon was servicing this building, and neither they or Comcast would run new cable without substantial cost to the client. Client stuck with DSL – non-digital, old, slow and based on copper wire lines (lines which Verizon no longer services in Boston). Now, they are having network problems. We came back, analyzed the installation and found a few problems. Workstations were under-configured and using older software, the DSL modem-router was not managing the network very well, their upload speeds were 1.0Mb (constant), hardly sufficient for business usage. Solution – upgrade to digital broadband, upgrade workstation hardware and software, replace DSL router/service, put computers on ethernet (as opposed to wireless whenever possible), restart or shut off computers daily (to refresh internet/network configs).

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