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google glass project (00.5)


Received the Glass Explorer v2 a few weeks ago, and have yet to take it out of the box. The programmer selected to get started with learning the available developer tools and the basics of the device is off on a 1 month vacation. I spent the last week reading and viewing the handful of articles and intro videos available online, created by people who have already had the device for awhile. So far, it seems that the people choosing to write about it publicly are really just gadget geeks. The serious developers who may be looking at it aren’t writing about it, maybe to maintain a competitive advantage? I need to first have a better handle on the features, functions and tools offered via the SDK resource kit. Specifically, the Glass GDK is an add-on to the Android SDK. By integrating the tools in both the GDK and the SDK, you can access the Android APIs. Unlike the Mirror-APIs, Glassware (apps) built with the GDK can run directly on the Glass device. I need to see just how open the device is for innovative programming. To date, it seems that the Glass device offers two main features: (1) a wearable camera that integrates transparently into your line of vision, and (2) voice or touch activated controls. The bulk of the functionality resides in tethering the Glass to your Android phone. The interesting features of GPS, location awareness, internet access and email/texting are phone-required and phone-based. The big limitation of the Glass is the integrated (and inaccessible) rechargeable battery that powers the Glass. This battery is inaccessible by the end-user, and I have yet to see any info on Google’s warranty and serviceability of the Glass device (and on the battery, which we all know will likely have a limited shelf-life). Google offered the first buyers of the V1 Glass Explorer the option of picking up their Glass at a Google Glass Studio, which included a free training session. I cannot seem to find the contact info for the NYC Studio, so I will try calling Google in the next few days. Next update will be posted after i have had a chance to pick thru the Glass Developer’s website tools and reference materials. Click on the weblink link that follows or on the graphic chart-box below for more information…

Google Glass GDK & SDK

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