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google glass project (00.3)

google glass 08

The Google Glass package arrived via overnight air service, with morning delivery. Opening the shipping box, there were four smaller boxes inside, three accessory boxes and one Glass box. Packaging was sturdy, cool, elegant and refined. Apple packaging reinterpreted, pretty good effort and result. Especially cool was the vellum peel-back wrapper on the Glass box, simply a new experience in product revelation. Text on the packaging was simple, sparse and tasteful. As you can see in this last (fifth) slide, the instructions are simple, graphical and minimalist. Once again, less is more.

google glass 05

Haven’t started unwrapping anything yet. Have started researching the product, it’s features and specs, other user reviews and ideas for new and innovative application of the Glass technology. Have found many online articles, videos and user reviews. Want to have a clear idea of what it is and how it works, before is tart plugging in and turning on.

glass 01

Have four tech/developers who are pulling on their leashes trying to get their hands on it, but i am asking them to go thru a similar learning curve before grabbing the Glass. I have also asked to keep the unit in-house, and to email a written analysis/report each time they experiment with it. In this way, we can share and cross-educate, saving time and creating more interesting what-if ideas.

google glass 07

It seems that between now and the May 2014 Google IO Developer Conference (San Fran), we will have a short window of opportunity to learn the product, master the developer tools and create a custom app to seamlessly integrate the device into an everyday live-function. It should be useful and clever, yet also be an app that any non-tech person could use and operate without reading pages of manuals.

google glass 02

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