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google glass project (00.2)

google glass offer 12.09.13

Several months after initially signing up for the Google Glass queue online, i get an email telling me that I am now being offered a Google Glass device. Wow. It seems that Google has just released rev. 2 of the Explorer Glass, which includes an earbud and capability for working with prescription glasses. So now I have to decide – do I want to invest $1,500.00 in this innovative device, with the hope and expectation that we can design an add-on or new use for the technology within the product? Of course it is worth the gamble, nothing ventured, nothing lost? i also note that people are selling v2 of these glasses on Amazon for $4,500.00. Probably a violation of the NDA, so unlikely I would seriously consider that. Trust and honesty make the world go round.

order glass 1-4

So now i have to start learning about Google Glass. There are many reviews and tests online, as well as demo videos. Time to ramp up the learning curve. One of the first things i learn is that you need an Android cellphone to tether it to, in order to take advantage of gps, location awareness and messaging. They say there is support for IOS, but nothing at present. Better to be as compatible as possible, so I add a Motorola Moto-X cellphone to the mix. The Moto-X is based on the Android OS, which includes mobility tools for Glass integration.

google glass description

It is now getting really pricey, and I haven’t even touched the device yet. Am starting to devise a ramp-up strategy, including deciding which staff person is best to work with me on the test and experiment phase. Once the unit arrives, there will be no time like the present to unwrap, switch on and get going. The sooner we can create an add-on, and hopefully before the official retail release date, the better. Google says the Glass will arrive in 5-7 days.

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 4.23.09 PM

Google has three “Glass Studios” across the country – Mountainview CA, Los Angeles CA, NYC. you can pickup your Glass at one of the studios, which includes a free day of training. i opt for direct delivery. Maybe i can arrange for a Glass Studio visit after I get the basics down. For the moment, I first just need to get the Glass.

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