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basement network wiring scheme

basement network wiring scheme

designed and mounted computer network internet equipment on white plywood board and shelf. Added hanging light, shelf and mounted equipment and cabling. Note two internet routers. This install has two separate internet gateways – one for home, one for office. Home has multiple bridged wireless network antennas, to support connection roaming throughout house, and at outdoor patios.

basement telco equipment

basement telco equipment

Cleaned up another installer’s equipment for telephone wiring and digital control system. Installation was sloppy. We mounted and labeled components, added new backup battery (has none), and tightened cable runs.

end of summer harvest expo

end of summer harvest expo

Rides, games, competitions, craft beers, antique cars, funky food, last of summer warmth.

jacmel satellite broadband network

jacmel satellite broadband network

Computer lab network in residential home for children, Jacmel Haiti. 0.5Mb/sec @ $250/mo. Content filtering router, remote access webcam, 5 Macbook Pros and network printer. Has been installed and working for 3 years. Rotary grant.

nice client, simple project

nice client, simple project

Client bought house, ongoing wireless network and internet access problems. Cleaned and tested cabling, mounted equipment, bridged multiple antennas, 100% signal and performance in all rooms, plus outside decks and patios.

big house, small money

big house, small money

Estate house, crappy wiring job, equipment piled on top of each other, sloppy wiring. Old and slow equipment, no electrical protection, unmounted and unlabeled equipment and wiring. Network needs an upgrade, doesn’t want to spend money.



Home grown in New England. Sweet, creamy, coconut finish.



Woof, bark, feed me, sleep.

you know you live in the sticks

you know you live in the sticks

When you see signs like these popping up along rural roadsides.

the azorean tuna fisherman

the azorean tuna fisherman

Being a system engineer and network architect, i look back fondly on the many hours i spent in the workshops of both my grandfathers, learning how to build and repair. It have given me skills beyond the hand tools – to analyze, adapt, persevere and presume there is always a solution to a problem. Thanks, Jack.